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-About us :

Wadi Al Shathwa Air-conditioning is one of the steady and most reliable service provider of HVAC solution to the commercial, residential complexes and govt. premises in Qatar. WASHAC deals in all kinds of HVAC work. We provide high quality and comprehensive range of services such as HVAC system design, supply and installation, after sales maintenance and many more technical solutions to meet individual client requirements. We are fully resourced in-house to deliver a complete engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning (EPIC) package, managed by dedicated project managers who act as a sole point of contact during the complete project. At WASHAC, we are exultant that most of our business come through regular clients. WASHAC has been successfully serving Qatar with all kinds of HVAC solutions and we are well known for our reliability, fair price and customer satisfaction. Wadi Al Shathwa AC doesn't view each project as an individual contract, comparatively we look at each as an opportunity to establish a long term relationship with the customer. Our overriding belief is to leave the owner and the consultants "pleased" with our performance, such that they will consider us an asset to have on their team. Our policy is to ensure “Best reliable solutions to our customers.”

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